How To Tap More Into Your Own Inner Powers

Did you know you have super inner powers? And no, I don’t mean super speed or super strength, but the power of your own emotions! This is a power that might come up in unexpected ways…And today, I’ll teach you how to harness it!

I spoke with bestselling author Kim Sykes, and together we talked more about emotion as a hidden superpower…

How anger can be a superpower

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I want to talk about the inner power of anger first because this is what tends to surprise people.

They never tend to expect me, as a life coach, to say that anger can actually be a useful, helpful, vindicating, important emotion. They only expect me to say that you should let go of your anger, and that anger will only bring you down.

I tend to disagree with this, and instead follow something called “the law of polarity.”

The law of polarity means that nothing is inherently good or bad. Instead, things are simply opposites of each other and have opposite energies. Now, you don’t have to be completely on board with this law, in order to use it and take advantage of it. Just think of it this way…

Peace and anger are opposite emotions. But does that mean that peace is good and anger is bad? Not necessarily. Because neither of them would hold any value or meaning without the existence of the other to give it meaning. Right?

It’s the same way with every other emotion, whether it be joy or sadness, fear or excitement.

This is called “the law of polarity” and you can use this to your advantage in order to better understand what a particular feeling might mean for you.

How to use the inner powers of your emotions

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When there’s not been a way for me to move things, sometimes invoking the feeling of anger, believe it or not, moves my energy. Sometimes energy needs to be moved and anger does work.

Most people will say, “Ooh, anger is bad.” No, anger is just a feeling. It’s just an energy moving. If you think about cold water and heating up cold water, it’ll start bubbling, and it’ll start moving.

Sometimes, when I feel cold in what I’m doing, I can use happiness, I can use joy. Sometimes I can use anger, and I can move that energy. It’s neither good nor bad.

Of course, I know the next thing you’re probably thinking is, “How do I use happiness if I’m feeling sad? Or, how do I use anger, if I’m too numb to be angry?” Emotions can be valuable catalysts to action, but that’s exactly why it’s so frustrating to be told to “Just be happy” when you’re feeling sad. So how the heck do you unlock the inner power of powerful emotions, then?

The answer is to stop suppressing yourself. Stop telling yourself “No.” Stop telling yourself, “I can’t.”

Let me give you an example…

How people fail to use their inner powers (and how to succeed instead)

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What if you feel depressed? What if you feel like you keep hitting a wall, and you feel like things are not moving around? Sometimes taking a different approach, a different perspective, will help you shift that idea.

I said I was going to give you an example: SAD, seasonal affective disorder.

It’s also called the “winter blues.” Especially back last winter, because we were so limited in the things that we could do with COVID. Let’s say you’ve gotten yourself into a depressive state because really, depression is about suppression when you suppress what you want to do.

A friend of mine was talking to me yesterday, and she says, “I’m just so frustrated because we can’t travel.” And I said, “Well, is that really true?” And she said, “Yeah, I can’t go to these places.” (And she listed off some places.) And I said, “But is it really true that you cannot travel? She said, “…We can travel?” And I said, “Yeah. Where CAN you travel? What could you do to move your energy to make travel happen? What’s something that you could do?” And she said…”I’ve thought about going to Vancouver and getting a hotel.” And I said, “Yeah, that’s something that you can do!”

See the mindset shift there? So many times we tell ourselves we CAN’T, and so that’s why it feels impossible to get ourselves out of a depressive state. That’s why it feels impossible to move our energy, to use positive or negative emotions to start moving our energy or our behavior to a better place, because we’ve already told ourselves “No.” Even when, as you can clearly see in an example like that, the answer isn’t “No.”

It’s when we have a want, and we don’t put things in alignment for ourselves, that we get really frustrated, and the energy gets really stuck. And when that gets stopped, then we have a suppression. And that suppression does not feel good.

Does that make sense? When you’re using the inner powers of your emotions, what you’re really trying to do is use emotion to stop SUPPRESSING yourself.

I challenge you!

Rise to the Challenge! handwritten on a white background.

That’s right! I challenge you to do this the next time you’re finding yourself feeling blocked from something you want. Start channeling whatever emotion comes easiest to you at that moment – whether it’s anger, peace, sadness, happiness, fear, excitement – and let that emotion start moving energy for you, and start showing you the path to your goal. Trust me, it works, once you realize that NO emotion is off-limits or bad. Emotions are tools. Emotions are superpowers! Just make sure that you do not “react” to your emotions – learn to “respond” and use that emotion to catapult you to what you want.

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