July 23, 2021

How To Tap More Into Your Own Inner Powers

Did you know you have super inner powers? And no, I don't mean super speed or super strength, but the power of your own emotions! This is a power that might come
August 6, 2021

3 Tips to Create Positive Assumptions in Your Life

It's an absolutely beautiful day here in Okanogan, and I’m thinking about positive thoughts. Yes, I'm looking out my office window and thinking to myself
August 9, 2021

The Ancient Laws of the Universe: What you need to know

You've probably heard of the concept of the "laws of the universe" before, but what exactly does that mean? Today I want to talk about what I see people
August 13, 2021

Three Tips That Will Help You Change Your Inner Monologue

We’ve all heard it. That inner monologue! That little voice inside of our heads that keeps a running commentary on our actions.