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Crafting Your Path to Agreement : A 2-Step Process


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Once I STOPPED “selling” and figured out how to Craft the Path to Agreement, I fell in love with doing sales. I want you to learn how to do “sales” in such a way that it feels absolutely natural – and fun! – to you, too.

The sale truly begins when you put yourself in the space of HELPING someone. At that point, everything changes for your “sale” process. So, how do you go from “sale” to “helping” and still win the sale? That’s what Crafting Your Path to Agreement will teach you.

The Crafting Your Path to Agreement package is a detailed Workbook that corresponds with 3 Tutorial Videos I’ve created for you. Together, you walk through the entire Path to Agreement in a follow-along, step-by-step process. It includes:

  • Step 1: Your After Presentation Questions and “Homework” you assign your prospect (which is included in the workbook)
  • Step 2: Qualifying Questions on your second meeting (all 8 questions that I use are included here)
  • What To Do… when money is an issue!
  • What To Do… when any other excuse is an issue!
  • The Step-By-Step Process to conquer your own paradigm about sales and salespeople
  • A Template Worksheet to help you craft your own follow-up questions
  • The A-I-D-A-R-S Processes for each of the following:
    • Invitation to the presentation
    • Presentation
    • Presentation Close Strategy
    • 1st Meeting Follow-up
    • 2nd Meeting Follow-up and Close

All 3 products in Crafting the Path to Agreement: A 2-Step Process are downloadable to you in an email confirmation after your purchase.

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