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I’M NOT ABOUT  education, I’M ABOUT transformation.

Crafting Your Path to Agreement Bundle

Do You Hate Sales? If the thought of SELLING makes your skin crawl or your stomach churn  … I used to be there, too. But that all changed a few years ago, and now I LOVE sales! I LOVE sales because I changed my approach to how I thought about making the sale happen.

Now, I do heart-to-heart selling. Once I figured out how to Craft this Path to Agreement, I fell in love with doing sales. I want you to learn how to do “sales” in such a way that it feels absolutely natural to you, too.

This program contains 3 step-by-step tutorial videos and an accompanying workbook for just $199. Imagine closing hundreds, even thousands of sales as a result!

Cleansing & Clearing Audio Meditation

In this Cleansing & Clearing Audio Meditation, Angie Tumlinson helps you shift stagnant and negative energy in your body and mind. In less than 15 minutes, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated with a calmed outlook that allows you to make better decisions and take more effective actions.

Meet Success Audio Meditation

In this Meet Success Audio Meditation,  Angie Tumlinson  moves you past subconscious blocks and fears to not only expect success in your day, but move more freely and confidently toward your goals.

The Inner Power of Self Image Audio Meditation

In this Inner Power of Self Image Audio Meditation, Angie Tumlinson guides you into the unfoldment of your powerful self image as it should be … confident, knowing, believing and happy.

  • I knew there was something that was stopping my success …

    … but I didn’t know how to uncover what it was. It’s one thing to have a big idea, but it’s another to learn how to integrate it, take inspired action, and actually make it work. Angie helps unlock all those pieces in you.
    Jodi C.
  • I’ve doubled my income and am very close to tripling it now.

    I dabbled in self-help and motivational stuff for years, but having Angie Tumlinson as a coach has kept me accountable and pushed me beyond limits that I didn’t even know I had. It’s unbelievable what my life is like now.
    Colleen C.
  • I was a split personality - always successful at work, but when I walked out the gates, I was a mess.

    Angie helped me understand why and how I succeeded at work and then showed me how to take and apply the same to my personal life. It sounds so over-simplified, but it has absolutely changed my life.
    Fred F.
  • I had never asked myself what I really wanted.

    "I thought I had focus and drive but I wasn’t feeling satisfaction. I had done coaching programs before, but what Angie brings to the table is a systematic approach to focusing - finally - on what I really wanted. I had never asked myself that question my entire life."
    Jake R.
  • In seven months of working with Angie, I multiplied my income SIX times.

    When I first started working with Angie, I thought I wanted to make $10,000 a month. But as I began to process this information. I decided I wanted to make $50,000 … THAT was an inspiring goal. The idea of making $50,000 a month would really change things in my life - so, that's what I've accomplished. Now, I've upped my goal.
    Jodi C.
  • I thought I had all the knowledge, but I still wasn’t getting the results.

    I’d read all the books on personal development. I knew it all. I didn’t realize that I was stuck right in the middle of “The Knowing-Doing Gap.” Angie offered the piece I really didn’t know - she showed me how to easily bridge the gap to change my results into AMAZING results.
    Jodie T.
  • I always considered myself a big goal achiever. I had pigeonholed myself, though.

    I had “hit” all those major life goals, but I still wasn’t enjoying the time or money freedom I wanted with my family. Angie helped me realize that I was actually thinking too small. Pigeon holes are all about fear … and once you release that, all the wheels start turning in the right direction.
    Meghan H.
  • Angie the coach is Angie the person. She is authenticity at its best.

    Angie Tumlinson is so true to what she does - her own life has changed so dramatically for the better and she’s not going to back down from what those truths are. She learned what she could be, and she helps open the eyes of her clients to what THEY already are and what they can BE.
    Rose T.