The Ancient Laws of the Universe: What you need to know

You’ve probably heard of the concept of the “laws of the universe” before, but what exactly does that mean? Today I want to talk about what I see people doing wrong because they don’t know how to accept the gifts the universe wants so desperately to give.

Here’s my step-by-step guide to understanding these natural rhythms and applying them for infinite success in your life:

Step #1 – Understanding natural laws

Two hands holding the sun and planets in the universe

I know this sounds like a pretty big step to be “step 1”, but this truly is fundamental to undoing the stress in your life. Now, when I talk about “understanding natural laws,” I’m talking about the basic laws of the universe.

One of which you’re probably familiar with through Einstein! Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?” This directly relates to what is known as “The Law of Laws” – The Law of Cause and Effect.

It’s Human Nature…

Unfortunately, it’s still human nature to try and do the same thing over and over, and magically expect something to change. I am guilty of this too! Just a few years ago my husband and I owned a drive-thru coffee bar and we also owned a soup and sandwich shop. We were both constantly stressed by all the hours we were putting in. Long 10 to 12 hour days, Monday through Friday. Then on many weekends, we would do a catering event, so really, we were working even more hours than that.

And together, we were bringing home about $5,000/mo. Now, if you do the math on that, 360 hours a month, that’s $13.88 an hour. All that tear-your-hair-out stress (and don’t get me wrong, sometimes we really enjoyed it) for $13.88 an hour.

My husband and I did everything right. We did well in school, went to a good university, and we got our degrees. Both of us started out in the corporate world like everyone else, and then we upgraded ourselves to own our own business, and let me tell you, life was not doing well for us. My husband and I did everything that we were taught to do. What we thought we were supposed to do. But we were, essentially, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results – expecting something magical to happen, expecting success to happen, and take all the stress away. We did not know how to create a different cause in order to get a different effect.

Step #2 – Changing your “paradigms”

thoughts become things - law of attraction concept - inspirational text on a slate blackboard with a white chalk and a stack of books against rustic wooden table

And it took a couple of really heartbreaking and terrible events to make me realize that life is too short.

One day my dad, who was 61, was hit by a train and was killed instantly. Now of course never planned on that. And so everything that sort of felt comfortable in my world, all of a sudden, didn’t feel comfortable anymore. And then a few years later, my mother got cancer and she passed away.

I was devastated and I also thought to myself, I need to change. We need to change. Our lives need to change. But I still wasn’t quite sure what needed to happen, and I couldn’t quite articulate it to myself.

Now, I understand exactly what I needed: I needed to follow the universe to guide me to what is called a “paradigm shift.” This is similar to a mindset shift, but essentially, your “paradigms” are all of the deeply rooted beliefs and habits you hold so deeply that they can give you tunnel vision, and you’ll be unable to see anything outside of your paradigms.

The universe is always trying to give us the answer and to show us the natural path.

But the reason that we are unable, sometimes, to allow that to happen is that we say, “No. It has to be solved this way.” And the reason we feel that way is because we have a habit of it being solved that way.

Those habits, those paradigms, are so deeply ingrained in us that we can’t see the right path, and instead, we double down on the wrong paths. And it often takes something earth-shattering in order to snap us out of those “comfortable” habits – comfortable because they are familiar. Comfortable because we’re too afraid to try anything new or risky or brave, the way the universe wants us to. You see…you actually can’t “change” a paradigm/habit, you have to “build a new model so that the old model becomes obsolete”.

Step #3: Finally sending out the right energy

One of the first things that I often hear people say is, “I want this…but I can’t.” or “I want to do that…but I can’t.” They’ll tell me all the reasons why they can’t have it.

This directly relates to The Law of Perpetual Transmutation: Whatever you are thinking and feeling is the energy that you are transmuting to the world, good or bad. So if you have two conflicting thoughts (I want this…but I can’t) then you send out conflicting energy to the universe and guess what…you get conflicting energy back.

If you began to understand how universal laws work, you can begin to neutralize that idea and see that you can. The very thought of something “being possible.” “What would happen if…”

And once you start to understand the natural laws of the universe:

  • That you can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results;
  • That the universe is trying to give you the right answer if it wasn’t for you rejecting it;
  • That the universe will begin to act on your own positive energy you put out;

Then you can finally begin on your own path to success.

Right now, I want you to do a little trick with me. I want you to imagine going into your kitchen. Ok, now you’re in your kitchen, and on the counter is a lemon. Next, we need to pick the lemon up and smell it. Now what I want you to do is to peel that lemon. Get all the peel off. Now I want you to put your thumb right down in the middle and pull the two halves apart. Next, I want you to get a cutting board and a knife, and I want you to start cutting it up. Then get a salt shaker, and put some salt on it, and yes, I want you to pop it in your mouth and start chewing. Keep chewing. Keep chewing. Okay…Has anybody got their mouth-watering like crazy??

The lemon was not real, but that lemon allowed you to have a physical reaction in your body. It stimulated your body to start behaving in a way that corresponded with your thoughts.

What would happen if the same thing were true when it came to how you thought about money? Or how you thought about the home that you would like to live in, or the career that you would like to have, or the people that you would like to work with?

What would happen if you could apply these ancient laws of the universe, and start training yourself to have your thoughts, feelings, and actions in alignment? What would that do for you, if you could let go of your old paradigm, and you could start living by natural laws instead?

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